LGBTQ - and all the other letters of the alphabet

Regardless of where you are with your identity, I am here to help you move towards Judaism, not drive you away from a relationship with G'd and Judaism. Your relationship with G'd is yours and yours alone, and my relationship with you is merely human-to-human; to help you understand how you too are part of G'd's Plan.

For those who are concerned about my position one way or another, I am available to meet with you via phone, Skype, e-mail, or in person to discuss your concerns, as your views and concerns will always be respected and of importance to me.

Regardless of your position, I am here for you!


Please understand that I am not a licensed health care provider of any type, including counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist; nor do I hold myself out as one to the public. I am simply a rabbi - a teacher of Judaism, a Jewish spiritual leader.




Washington Marriage Equality

On the evening of November 6, 2012, Washington State voters approved same-gender marriages.

Since there is no individual leader or organization that creates guidelines or standards for all the world's Jews, each individual branch of Judaism, as well as each individual Rabbi can choose to support or not support same-gender unions.

The following short list gives a very broad and general overview of which branches of Judaism support or don't support same-gender unions...

Liberal: Supports

Progressive: Supports

Reform: Supports

Reconstructionist: Mixed

Conservative: Supports

Modern Orthodox: Against

Orthodox: Against

Ultra-Orthodox: Against