Individuals & Families

There are many ways I can assist you in your quest for Jewish spirituality; some are tradtional, while others are more abstract and can be created specifically for you or your family's style of learning and understanding. Here is an abbreviated list of individual topics:

  • Life-Cycle Events - I can perform all events legally throughout the USA, as well as various international venues

  • Exploring the various branches of Judaism

  • Re-approaching Judaism

  • Jewish Education

  • Exploring Conversion

  • Domestic Concerns

  • How to have a thriving interfaith relationship

  • House Blessings - Mezuzahs & more

  • Hospital & Hospice Visits

  • Inmate Visits

  • At-Risk children, teens, adults

  • Various Special Needs

  • ASL (Rabbi signs)

  • Path work & Balance

Feel free to contact me regarding your specific needs. I am available for meetings in person, via Skype, Webex, phone, and e-mail.




Your Life - Your Judaism

Judaism is rich with traditions that reach into our souls from thousands of years ago. The words of the Torah have been - and will continue to be - interpreted by each generation within the religious and socio-political framework of their society. We live in a time that little resembles that of our ancient ancestors - a time when the Torah was given to the world and interpreted for the first time. So come explore Judaism as it relates to us, past-present-and-future. Let me help you create a Judaism that speaks to YOU, brightens YOUR heart, and burns in YOUR soul.

USA: Though I reside in WA, I do travel to various points across America to officiate at life-cycle events and other activities for those requesting my services. I am also available on short notice for your time-sensitive needs.