Where The Community Rabbi Comes In...

A community rabbi is no more, or no less of a rabbi than a congregational rabbi - we have simply chosen to walk a different path, to not anchor ourselves to any particular synagogue; to be able to go where we are wanted or needed.

Community rabbis are generally low-pressure, which means we don't expect you to continually incorporate us and our services into your life simply because you now have a rabbi. It is your decision as to when, how and how much you would like us to be part of your life.

I have found that being a community rabbi is especially beneficial to many Northwest Jews, with some examples below of why you would want to use one...

  • There is no synagogue nearby

  • There is little or no Jewish community nearby

  • You have life issues making it hard to get to a synagogue, or to be part of a Jewish community

  • The only synagogue nearby doesn't mesh with your level of observance - it may be too exclusionary, too Orthodox, too Liberal, or too much of something in the middle

  • The cost of synagogue membership is too high for you or your family

  • You only need a rabbi when YOU need a rabbi

  • You would rather fill your spiritual well on your terms within Judaism

  • You want to explore Judaism, holidays, have a seder, or shabbat dinner in your home, but don't know how

  • You want to learn more about Judaism, but feel more comfortable one-on-one, or with family

  • You want your kids to have a Jewish foundation

  • You want a rabbi who will be there for you when and where you need him

  • You are interfaith and feel alienated by your respective communities

  • Your community makes you feel less than welcome because of your choice of domestic partner

Usually, any one of the reasons above will cause a person or family to detach from Judaism and fall away from their heritage. They suddenly find themselves without a link to the Jewish community, and without a rabbi to help in their Jewish life and with life-cycle events.

My hope is that you will find that Judaism is always available to you, because it resides in your heart, not just inside the walls of a synagogue...but I am here to help you gain, retain, and explore Judaism on your terms, in your environment, so your heart feels less lonely.

What it all boils down to is that if you are reading this, something Jewish, or simply spiritual inside you stirs. As Jews-by-birth and Jews-by-choice we all want to connect, remain connected, or re-connect to our heritage - to our people - to our land - to our Jewish heart.

Whether you are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, Liberal, Universalist, or just plain "Jewish," "Culturally Jewish," "Kinda Jewish," "Spiritual But Not Religious," or simply "Curious," I would be honored to be here for you as your rabbi.

No matter where you are - in the Pacific Northwest, over in Eretz Yisrael, or somewhere in between, drop me a line and say hi, and let's get together!





Your Life - Your Judaism

Judaism is rich with traditions that reach into our souls from thousands of years ago. The words of the Torah have been - and will continue to be - interpreted by each generation within the religious and socio-political framework of their society. We live in a time that little resembles that of our ancient ancestors - a time when the Torah was given to the world and interpreted for the first time. So come explore Judaism as it relates to us, past-present-and-future. Let me help you create a Judaism that speaks to YOU, brightens YOUR heart, and burns in YOUR soul.

USA: Though I reside in WA, I do travel to various points across America to officiate at life-cycle events and other activities for those requesting my services. I am also available on short notice for your time-sensitive needs.