A Little History...

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, attending the Reform synagogue of Wilshire Boulevard Temple, where I used to watch Rabbi Wolfe lead services and teach both adults and children. I saw how he also helped any and all congregants who came to him with various needs, without question. I observed how he treated the children around him - with as much respect as he did the adults. This would prove to be the starting point of my conscious journey to becoming a rabbi.

As time went by, I decided that if I were to ever follow through with my desire to become a rabbi, I would root myself in tradition, but take a more Progressive path to Semichah (ordination), which is exactly what I eventually did.

"Eventually" took on the shape of about 20 years, as I made my way through a mostly secular life - ultimately weaving Judaism tightly within my identity, resulting in my being here for the Jewish community in return.

During those 20 years, I moved to Washington, earned a BA degree in Anthropology (Archaeology, Cultural, Physical & Linguistics) and began working towards achieving the American Dream. But as with many things in life, changes took place, and I found myself moving back towards rabbinic studies. These studies culminated with my rabbinic ordination / semicha in New York City.

Though many incredible experiences have happened throughout my life, I can confidently say that the greatest and most fulfilling part of my life are my two incredible, beautiful sons named Spencer and Wyatt (Dov & Ness), who are full of life, love and happiness. They are the greatest gifts I have ever received. They have been and always will be my number-one most cherished gifts in the world.

On that note, drop me a line if you would like to know more!




Your Life - Your Judaism

Judaism is rich with traditions that reach into our souls from thousands of years ago. The words of the Torah have been - and will continue to be - interpreted by each generation within the religious and socio-political framework of their society. We live in a time that little resembles that of our ancient ancestors - a time when the Torah was given to the world and interpreted for the first time. So come explore Judaism as it relates to us, past-present-and-future. Let me help you create a Judaism that speaks to YOU, brightens YOUR heart, and burns in YOUR soul.

USA: Though I reside in WA, I do travel to various points across America to officiate at life-cycle events and other activities for those requesting my services. I am also available on short notice for your time-sensitive needs.