Pacific Northwest Community Rabbi

Think of me as the rabbi who makes house calls, and is also available to the entire community.

I work directly with individuals, families, congregations, and communities of various sizes wherever a rabbi is wanted or needed. I have chosen not to anchor myself to a specific synagogue, and instead make myself available to everyone - for whatever needs they may have, and for whatever length of time they require; therefore a community rabbi isn't required to follow a specific synagogue's politics, schedules, or minhags (traditions), and in turn can bring Judaism to you on your terms in your own home, public setting or other venue. More info...


My Philosophy

As an ordained (semicha) rabbi, I choose to blend tradition with progression, living life as both a Jew and as a member of the secular society I live in.

The Torah is a living document - one that should be examined through the lenses of original intent, tradition, and modernity.

To encourage people of all faiths & backgrounds to participate in any and all areas of Judaism for which they are comfortable.

That all humankind is under consideration & love of the Universe, with all paths leading to the Divine.

Together, with all humankind & traditions - we need to work together to help repair & bring peace to the world through Tikkun Olam.

Through Tikkun Olam we will find a new beginning for the whole of humanity.




Your Life - Your Judaism

Judaism is rich with traditions that reach into our souls from thousands of years ago. The words of the Torah have been - and will continue to be - interpreted by each generation within the religious and socio-political framework of their society. We live in a time that little resembles that of our ancient ancestors - a time when the Torah was given to the world and interpreted for the first time. So come explore Judaism as it relates to us, past-present-and-future. Let me help you create a Judaism that speaks to YOU, brightens YOUR heart, and burns in YOUR soul.

USA: Though I do live in WA, I do travel to various points across America and internationally for those requesting my services. I am also available on short notice for your time-sensitive needs.